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Customer Side Leakage Repair          (CSLR)

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Customer Side Leakage Repair (CSLR)

Customer Side Leakage Repair (CSLR) solution, developed and patented by Curapipe System Ltd., is designed to provide an internal pipeline leakage repair solution for multiple leaks in customer underground drinking water supply pipes, plumbing leaks in swimming pool return lines, etc.

CSLR is best applicable for pipelines with single or multiple leaks within designated pipe sections. No pre-treatment of these sections is required.

The solution has many benefits such as not having a need to excavate or to detect the exact location of leaks in the treated pipe sections.

CSLR is applicable for a wide range of pipe materials. CSLR is a standalone system that self-detects water leaks in a pipe and automatically repairs them. Sealant material is only deposited in the leakage areas as necessary, therefore having a small surface contact with the water. Actual levels of leakage reduction are measured on site immediately following the intervention. Customer water meters "stop spinning" and are shown to reflect

the reduction in leakage.


The CSLR solution is certified for drink water pipes in many jurisdictions.

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