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Supported Commercial and Industrial Sectors

HVAC Chilled & Hot Water Piping

Commercial and industrial facilities frequently use chilled and hot water  systems for cooling and heating. These pipe networks may transport many thousands of  gallons of chilled and heated water per hour under pressure but in many cases  leaks may occur. Curapipe’s in-pipe leak repair solution can easily seal and cure  these leaks before they cause significant damages to these facilities.

Industrial Process Piping

Industry process piping moves water into processes to be converted into end products. Leakage in these pipes costs industry millions of dollars every year. In addition to wasted dollars, unattended leaks can result in downtime, affect product quality, pollute the environment, and cause injury. Curapipe’s in-pipe leak repair solution can quickly and efficiently return these critical pipes to service without the need to prep the pipes or even drain them.

Water Parks & Resorts

Water parks and resorts are popular, particularly in hot weather. However, with the vast amount of water activities, a water leak in a pipeline could go unrepaired for long period. This could lead to high water bills or damage to the facilities themselves costing large sums to repair – as well as reduced profit due to lack of use. Curapipe’s in-pipe leak repair solution has been applied in global potable water distribution networks where leaks are equally difficult to locate allowing for a fast leak repair turnaround back to service. The park or resort can then go back to what they do best, giving families a great time.

Firewater Systems

Industrial plants with unsprinklered buildings and yards with combustible storage need private hydrant systems that will supply the required water flow for fire protection. A ring main that transfers firewater from pumps to the vicinity of the fire may suffer from small leaks that compromise these firefighting systems. Curapipe’s in- pipe leak repair solution can quickly and efficiently restore lost pipe pressure necessary to maintain fire safety (in addition to reducing overheating of jockey pumps).

Special Cases


Special cases such as refineries, nuclear plants and others may also have leak repair needs for critical water lines with the added complications of long pipes buried deep underground which would be very difficult to excavate and too long to reline or coat. “Cura-piping” for leak repair would be a natural choice avoiding major headaches.

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