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Our Team

Curapipe brings together an experienced and qualified management team as well as a unique blend of technical talent from various disciplines coupled with vast experience that has made the emergence of the TALR solution possible.

Management and Key Personnel

Ben Shenkar


Ben Shenkar has over 25 years of executive experience as a CEO and COO in the industrial, retail, renewable energy and high-tech sectors. Before joining Curapipe in 2015, he served as the CEO of Sonana, a social networks analytics SaaS company and of The Zion Textile Company which he took public on the TASE. He also founded SunTrust Quantum Solar (active in the field of Photo-Voltaic projects) which was later acquired by Helios Fund. He invested and managed various companies, including LordKitsch, Dyeco Holdings, and WebTView. Ben holds a combined degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Peter Paz


Peter Paz brings to the table 25 years of combined strategic business and international marketing experience. Peter previously co-founded Telegate, a high-growth company later acquired by Terayon for $400 million. At Terayon (subsequently acquired by Motorola), he served as Corporate VP Business Development & Marketing, where he was responsible for integrating the businesses of nine acquired companies. After that, Peter provided business development services, including strategic consulting and fundraising, to over 20 growth companies. In addition, he consulted for major firms in Israel such as Comverse, Strauss and Johnson & Johnson. For the last four years he has served as a faculty member of the Wharton-Recanati Global Consulting Program, a select joint course for Wharton-Recanati MBA Students.

Hanan Keller

Operations Manager

Hanan Keller has extensive experience in operations, production, project management as well as supply chain management, prototype development, NPI and sub-contracting. Hanan served as Production Manager at various industry-oriented corporations, in local and global markets, supplying quality products for the IDF, communication and the aviation Industries. Mr. Keller’s experience includes: Managing multiple projects, defining milestones and timetables, conducting sales and production plans, recruiting, training and allocating employees and resources according to work objectives and production plans. Hanan holds an M.Sc. in Management from the Polytechnic institute of the New-York University.

Samuel Perstnev, CTO

Chief Scientist

Samuel Perstnev, PhD serves as Curapipe’s chief scientist. Samuel is an experienced researcher with a long track record of bringing innovative products to fruition. At A.K. Industries Ltd he held the position of group leader managing a team of scientists from the former USSR. He holds several patents for repairing leakage in pipelines, thermal insulation of heat insulating articles and for hydraulic axial piston pumps. Samuel holds an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine as well as a PhD in Hydraulics and Materials.

Boris Natapov


Boris Natapov PhD is a member of Curapipe’s R&D team. He is an authority in the field of development of new materials. Before joining Curapipe, he was in charge of designing equipment for thermal processing of new materials. As one of the co-inventors, he has applied for various patents for Curapipe in the field of sealing pipelines using a gel PIG. Boris holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Physical Metallurgy and Thermal Processing from the Polytechnic Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine.

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