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Who Needs TALR?

If your city falls into one or more of the following categories, our Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair (TALR) could be the solution for you:

  • Water stressed markets or where water is a conserved resource

  • High levels of leakage

  • Strong demand to reduce energy and GHG levels 

  • Regulatory requirements for reduction of leakage

  • Aging buried water infrastructure

  • High social and environmental awareness of water conservation

  • Governmental policies and incentives for improving water shortages

TALR becomes the game-changing player at the point when find-&-fix (a.k.a Active Leak Detection) is no longer effective or economically viable for the water utility. Curapipe’s breakthrough technology, which utilizes the pipe system as its conduit, is a self-detection and repair solution integrated into a single system that also measures and maintains a database of the exact level of leakage repaired. TALR is a very cost effective alternative to leakage-driven pipeline replacement.


The arguments for TALR are compelling: 


Short-term value

  • Save replacement or renewal of buried water distribution infrastructure that is still serviceable

  • Save undetected leakage (50% to 70% of total leakage) inaccessible by standard find-&-fix intervention methods

  • Save pumping energy, carbon emissions and water treatment chemicals

  • Avoid social and environmental disruption


Long-term value

  • Constitute a long-term cure for the duration of the remaining serviceability of buried water distribution infrastructure

  • Contribute to increasing water supply headroom through bulk leakage reclamation (analogous to a water treatment plant with zero operational expense)

  • Increase the distribution efficiency of costly new sources of drinking water (e.g. desalination)

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