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How It Works

Bulk Savings
Mode of Operation
  1. A PIG train is launched through an access point into an isolated section of buried pipe to be treated on the customer outside premises or swimming pool return line.

  2. The PIG train contains a “compartment” consisting of Curapipe’s unique viscous curing substance.

  3. The substance operates under pressure and automatically detects and seals multiple leaks.

  4. The PIG train is typically extracted from the same or separate access point.

  5. The substance within the leakage area hardens and leaks are permanently cured.

No Disruption
Key Performance Features
  • No need to excavate for leak repairs.

  • No need to detect location of leaks.

  • Meets health requirements for drinking water pipes.

  • Applicable to swimming pool plumbing.

  • Saves on water bills.

  • long-term cure.

Cost Effective
Equipment & Materials

The PIG train is launched into a treated pipe section applying dedicated launcher. The launcher enables the launching, monitoring, and controlling of the PIG train. The launcher is easy to handle and transported using integrated wheels. Applying the equipment procedures using the integrated control system enables accurately measuring the levels of leakage before and after the intervention and presenting a repair report. One or two operators can complete the intervention within a few hours. Materials are prepared both ahead and in the field.

A kit of materials is sufficient for 5 runs.

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