Now You Can.

To make it possible we created a whole new product category - TALR (Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair)

What if you could

reduce water loss by up to 
75% and save energy in the 

How It Works


Fire Hydrant


Fire Hydrant

PIG Train In

Ground Level

PIG Train Out

A PIG train (Curapipe's curing substances wedged between two PIGs) is launched into a pipe section via an upstream fire hydrant.

Leaky holes and crackes are self-detected. Curapipe's special viscous curing substances automatically seal and permanently cure the detected leaks.

A PIG train exits the pipe section via a downstream fire hydrant.

Value Proposition

Bulk Water

TALR has the potential to save up to tens of millions of liters of drinking water per utility, per day.

No Disruption

TALR uses the water pipe system to deliver the solution, thus, no digging, no traffic or pedestrian delays and no flooding.


The TALR solution
is a fraction of the
cost of tradition
"find-&-fix" methods.

Significant Energy Savings

Bulk leakage reduction has the potential to save tens of megawatt-hours of fossil energy daily.

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