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Curapipe Has Appointed a New Licensee of TALR for the Mexican Market

Curapipe is proud to announce the appointment of ‘Servicio de Reparación de Linea de Agua Potable sin Excavación, S.A., as it exclusive license holder for Curapipe’s TALR Technology for Mexico.

Servicio de Reparación is related to ‘Materiales Industriales de Mèxico’ (Grupo MiM), which is a leading provider of piping and installation materials in Mexico. Servicio de Reparación is a newly established company for the purpose of entering the pipe leakage repair market segment. Pipe leakage repair is an emerging market in Mexico due to the very high levels of drinking water lost due to leaks in distribution networks.

Servicio de Reparación will exclusively deploy Curapipe’s Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair (TALR) patented technology for in-pipe repair. TALR can seal and cure multiple leaks found in pipes without the need to detect the leaks first, and without excavation.

Curapipe’s TALR technology has been successfully deployed in Italy, South Africa, Israel and the U.K.

This new partnership will bring value to the people of Mexico in addressing the emerging stress for delivering potable water.


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