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Curapipe has launched its brand-new CSLR solution

Curapipe has appointed Stoptech Ltd as its licensee in Israel for its brand-new CSLR solution. The unique Customer Side Leakage Repair (CSLR) is complementary to Curapipe’s renowned Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair (TALR) solution. The highly effective CSLR has been presented and demonstrated in action at a show for plumbing equipment in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The new system enables the repair of leaks on all pipe materials from a diameter of 10mm up to 50mm without any need for leak detection and digging at private properties such as backyards and swimming pools. Very soon, it will also be available for use inside homes.

Utilizing the same technology as TALR, the CSLR launcher also incorporates an especially developed digital layer for up to the minute process monitoring. This feature can provide, in addition to a repair report presenting the measured leak before and after the repair, also real-time operating instructions and insights about the nature of the leak and approximately its location.

This proprietary digital layer will soon be implemented in all our leak busting, large-scale TALR launchers enabling the repair of pipe leaks of up to 200mm.

Curapipe and Stoptech will start delivering the new system in Israel in August 2021.

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Jad Adams
Jad Adams
Nov 03, 2023

I had a significant leak in my swimming pool, and I reached out to a pool renovation company for help. Their team was incredibly professional and efficient in diagnosing and repairing the issue.

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