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Come and meet us at the WWETT Expo 2022, Booth #1345, February 22-24

Curapipe – a new approach to trenchless

As part of the introduction of its solution in the US, Curapipe Systems, the reputed Israeli company will be participating for the first time in the WWETT22 Expo. Curapipe will be presenting and demonstrating its no-dig, in-pipe leak repair solution, which is about to enter the US market after repeated successes abroad.

Highlights of the solution:

  • Faster, easier, cleaner, and less expensive than existing trenchless solutions

  • “Surgically” repairs all existing leaks from within, without coating or lining the pipe

  • No leak detection needed - leak(s) are sealed applying a composite sealant

  • No need to drain or clean the pipe – same day return to service with minimal surface disruption

  • Treatment of long (even complex) pipe sections (up to 1400 ft)

  • Field-proven

  • Durable solution

  • Applicable for non-potable industrialized pressure pipes

StopTech, our US distributor for our new Pool Leak Buster for commercial and private swimming pools repair (sharing our booth #1345), will be demonstrating the solution.

Come and meet our team and see for yourself an amazing demo of this innovative solution, presenting a paradigm shift in the concept of pipe leak repair!

Looking forward to seeing you in our booth!

Click here to visit our website and our local distributor website Reply to to set up an appointment, or add us to your show planner.

Find us at the WWETT22 show, Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 on February 22-24 in booth #1345.

See our booth location on the hall plan below (blue dot).


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