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With Curapipe’s TALR, Pipecare is making a splash in the Italian Water Sector

Pipecare, Curapipe’s Exclusive Licensee for Italy, is making a splash in the Italian water sector.

Although Curapipe’s TALR is pretty straightforward to deploy, training is needed to fully comprehend how this Trenchless Automated Leak Repair solution works.

In general, a TALR training consists of two parts: an initial training at Curapipe’s headquarters, and a follow-up on the job training onsite.

The first part of the training takes a week and consists of a theoretical and a practical module.

The Pipecare training started with Curapipe’s Peter Paz introducing TALR and explaining how it works.

After this introduction, the group made its way to the lab to experience how Curapipe’s patented material is prepared.

The next part of the training took place outside with a live demo of TALR in action.

To learn more about TALR, visit our website or contact us. To keep updated about Curapipe and TALR, read our blog, and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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